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Monday, May 5, 2014

Company Auditions and Production Camp Information


Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Jazz Company Members!

*If you auditioned and your name is missing please contact me immediately so I can fix it! Any oversight is completely accidental!*

In alphabetical order by first name.


Mini Comp Team (1st-4th Grades):
Adilee Woolstenhulme
Annie Loftus
Braelee Steadman
Chloe Crawford
Ellie Marchant
Emi Miner
Hunttyr McMillan
Kaydence Clegg
Missy Rickett
Megan Miner
Norah Marsing
Oaklyn Eyre
Tessa Kimball
Tiara Kimball
Sammy Withers

Junior Comp Team (3rd-5th Grades):
Abby Pappas
Abigail Zenger
Addey Richards
Andie Clegg
Ashtyn King
Bailee Rydalch
Hanna Butterfield
KassLee Butler
Kaylee Burton
Kendree Steadman
Liv Rockhill
Maya Skinner
Sydney Meza

Pre-Teen Comp Team (5th & 6th Grades):
Aspen Blazzard
Austyn Schwab
Claircee Simpson
Emma Waters
Falon Siddoway
Harleigh Fillmore
Hayden Averett
Kinley Clegg
Kodi Winterton
Lydia Gordon
Madison Archibald

Senior Prep Team** (7th & 8th Grades):
Baleigh Buchanan
Cecilia Taylor
Elise Lisonbee
Jillian Tillett
Kira Bush
Melissa Lopez
Paytan Tippetts
Sydney O'Driscoll
Trinady Lindsey
Senior Team (7th & 8th Grades): 
Brooklyn Tuttle
Chaylee Larsen
Claire Iverson
Gracie Averett
LaKota Wolf
Lexie Packard
Madison McArthur
Rachel Lee
Savannah Archibald

**Please note the name change to this team. We feel that Senior Prep truly signifies what this team is! All of these girls are talented and they are not less special in any way than the Senior team. We as the coaches feel they will benefit from being "prepped' for Senior team - each in a different way. We hope this name change will show this team how much we believe in them and how much we expect of them this year. Thanks!


Production Choreography Week: 

FINAL SCHEDULE - Please note groups are by grade and not team. 
9:00-11:00 All 7th and 8th Grade
11:00-1:00 All 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade
1:00-3:00 All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade

All those competitive dancers who wish to be on next year’s production team will need to attend production camp in August. This is where we learn the production number we use during our competition season next Winter/Spring. In addition to tuition for camp, every dancer will need to purchase their production costume (no rentals for production).

This year's production is a take on Disney Princesses - but with a twist! It will feature Elsa, Aurora, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Merida dancing to classic and contemporary rock and pop music. It will be kept under 10 min, with each group doing one feature dance and all dancers involved in a finale piece. We will perform the production at our 4 competitions, our Comp Teams Showcase, and anywhere else we can possibly show it off! We want to get use out of all of this work and out of our costumes.

Costuming for this year's production is all custom designed and created for our production team, and will be $65 for all dancers. 

All production team members will be required to attend production rehearsals on the first Friday of every month after school for 1 hour.

Production Week tuition will be $50. Each group will rehearse for 2 hours each day. Ages: 1st-8th Grade or special permission for Kindergarteners. Camp dates will be August 18-22. Registration for production will be due August 1. Costume payment will be due August 18.